Bernhardt Log Barn

Bernhardt Log Barn 


The 150 year old barn is available for weddings, receptions, meetings, family outings, picnics and other formal/informal events.

There are no grills provided for cooking, although grills are allowed. All charcoal and debris from the grills must be removed from the site when vacated making sure the coals are completely cold. All trash must be disposed of in the large container provided near the rear of the park amphitheater.

It was donated to the park by Paul and Naomi Bernhardt of Salisbury, NC. It was originally located on their family farm near Gold Hill, NC. The timbers were numbered, then dismantled and moved to the park and reassembled.

A two day minimum rental is required for weddings.
A $100 cash deposit plus 50% of the total rent is required at contract signing. The rent balance is due 60 days prior to date of use. The cash deposit is refunded following inspection of the property. If the tables are moved out onto the lawn they must be placed back under the barn shelter and the area cleaned before the deposit is refunded. *Please remember * The only bathroom facilities at the Log Barn is the Port-a-John. Renters are on their own to arrange for and provide additional bathrooms if needed.

Rental Rate: $100/day
Rate for Wedding Related Events – Required 3-Day Minimum $250
Cash Refundable Deposit: $100 (Does not apply toward rental cost)

For rental information and available dates call 704-279-5777.