Gold Hill, North Carolina

Gold History “In the middle of everywhere”

North Carolina is rich in gold history. You will enjoy a nostalgic change of pace and step back in time as you stroll along the wood sidewalks of this restored nineteenth century Gold Mining boom town.

Our gold history story

With its first gold discovery in 1824, Gold Hill is considered one of today’s  most charming, historic small towns in North Carolina. Gold Hill is home to numerous gold mines. The 850ft deep Randolph Mine and the 435ft deep Barnhardt Mine became two of the most famous and profitable gold mines in the southeast. As a result, Gold Hill enjoyed the claim to fame and fortune.

Gold Hill offers an ‘Au-some’ experience celebrating the gilded age of gold discovery in North Carolina. The town was once the envy of Charlotte’s Mayor. He is quoted as saying that he had, ‘Hopes for Charlotte to one day, be as big and prosperous as Gold Hill’. Our visitors love getting away from the hustle of the city to shop, dine and play at a relaxing slower pace.

The celebrated nineteenth century gold history of North Carolina is documented in photos from Gold Hill.
Photos include the huge imposing Gold Hill Mining Office. Residents are proudly posed for an Easter Sunday photo op.
A group of prominent men and women sit on the porch of the Gold Hill Hotel.
Dr. Irvin Shaver and John Jenkins(with baby) are among the gentlemen at the storefront of E.H. Montgomery General Store on Main Street.
Workers at the Chilean Ore Mill crushing precious gold ore. A woman working the log rockers to separate the gold, demonstrates the hard laborious work.
Miners posed and ready for work at the Union Copper Mine.

Our Community

We offer everything from unique shopping opportunities, to fine dining. Enjoy wine tours at an award winning vineyard and micro-brewery, hiking in the great outdoors, bluegrass music, gold history tours, antiques picking and more.
But, be sure to check out the Shopping and Dining page for information on days and times of operation.

Music and More

Gold Hill is well known for the Montgomery General Store Bluegrass Jam. It is held every Friday evening year round, from 7-9:00p.m. Gold Hill is also a great destination wedding location. There are numerous sites to choose from for your special day. There’s lots to do throughout the year at monthly events and seasonal festivals. We invite you to slow down and join us for a great family outing in one of the richest, most authentic, historic gold mining boom towns east of the Mississippi.

Find Us

Gold Hill is located in Eastern Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. If you use Gold Hill as a hub, within a 100-mile radius a wheel forms to take in all the major population centers in the Piedmont and Western North Carolina. So, while this most delightful of small towns in North Carolina is thought to be “in the middle of nowhere,” it is actually “In the Middle of Everywhere”.

Gold Hill Mines Historic Park, located adjacent to the village shops, is open seven days a week during Daylight hours. If you enjoy hiking and biking, spend the day on the Gold Hill Rail Trail.
For GPS directions, use 770 St. Stephens Church Road, Gold Hill, NC

We located 40 miles NE of Charlotte NC. Take I-85 n to Exit 65, Old Beatty Ford Road then 14 miles to Gold Hill NC

Rules for Photographers

We ask that profession photographers please respect the surroundings at Historic Gold Hill Village and Gold Hill Mines Historic Park. The following are some rules to guide you.
These are a few of our rules. Of course, use common sense when taking photos on the property of the village and park.

In the Village and around the shops...

In the village and around the shops…
We do ask that photo sessions not be scheduled during shop open hours. If possible, schedule your shoots during the week Monday-Thursday.
Sunday afternoons after 4 or 5pm are also a good time.
Always stay in common areas, sidewalks, etc… and not on private properties, homes, etc.
Do not move any décor item in any area around the shops. Do not pick flowers in privately landscaped beds around the shops or homes.
Be sure to arrange photo sessions at Gold Hill Flower Company with Melissa and Drew Hammill. The mural on the side of the Flower Shop building (Texaco) is always available.

In Gold Hill Mines Historic Park…

We love for you to use the park for your photos but please remember:
Parking on the grass is prohibited.
Gravel walkways are for WALKING. No ATV’s or motorized Vehicles allowed.
Do Not use Chalk or Chalk Markers on ANY surface or building in the park.
Horses are not allowed in the park picnic areas, gravel walkways, or Log Barn area. This side of the park is off limits to horses. See the map at the park entrance.
Motorized vehicles are not allowed anywhere on the trails or on the Softball field (infield, outfield or surrounding outer field area).

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